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kayaking in mangrove labyrinth
The Neptune Pub at day and night
arrival at the Neptune River Bungalows
exploring the place
visiting a Fishing village at the very tip of the Koh Kong Delta
Koh Rong main beach with all places Pt.1 
Koh Rong main beach with all places Pt.2 
Koh Rong beach in the morning 
Koh Rong beach in the afternoon 
On the road in rural Cambodia in 2004
Funny Aussies dancing in Bangkok 2005 
Blind beggar on Ochheuteal beach in Sihanoukville
Murals, depicting scenes of the life of Buddha
The absurdity of developmental support 
How to make the dough for spring rolls 
Ochheuteal beach in 2004 - end of the world 
"Signing up" at Chiva's Shack in Sihanoukville 
Let's build a beach bar in Cambodia 
Just a normal day in Phnom Penh 
Chantha - Cambodian cabinet maker in Sihanoukville 
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