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Thomas, the owner of Neptune Adventure, had been travelling all over Asia for many years . Although he came across many amazing places, Koh Kong was the place, that entered his mind and spurred his imagination. As he steadily became aware of the region’s striking beauty and special character, his visits became more frequent and lasted longer every time and eventually he decided to leave Europe for good and settle in this beautiful place. He is a natural born explorer and adventurer, the Koh Kong area is perfectly suited for endless numbers of discovery tours. Still in Europe he developed the idea to create a business in line with his passion, supported by the underlying desire to show his friends and the people, how beautiful Koh Kong is.


Sothea While searching for a new home and a tour starting point, as well as a place for encounters with travelers , he stumbled across this lovely guest house – in Koh Kong town – with this pretty little garden. Awestruck – he decided to move in and on January 1st 2006 the Neptune Guesthouse opened its doors with just 1 matress and one tour boat. Soon the first trekking routes and special river tours came into shape, alongside the team obtained experience and a knowledge of the region, they got to know people and Thomas met Sothea – who is his wife by now. Sothea tirelessly upgraded the guest house and the bar. She made it a popular traveler’s home and consequently a real center of activities in Koh Kong town.

Many of the guests of the “old” days contributed a lot to the development of the activitie’s design and how they are to be done in an enjoyable fashion. Kayak on the spot tours, as an example came into being here, as Thomas just listened to people’s stream of thoughts and proposals – by now there is no struggle or athletic effort necessary at the tours of Neptune Adventures while a lot can be accomplished. Long distance rides are the right time for the photographers – with and without a camera. After ca. 5 years, all of a sudden the opportunity was there to acquire a piece of land – on acceptable conditions – in the countryside, right by the river, a lush and pristine paradise with a little jetty – the perfect tour base. This came much closer to the original idea and after a brief period of reflection and pondering the options, the guest house in town was replaced by a pub – the NEPTUNE PUB, which has been replaced with the NEPTUNE RIVER BUNGALOWS in 2012. More about us on our Facebook pages.

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